Our story

Through our dolls and embroidery, we want to portray the hopeful voices, colorful dreams and stories of war-torn children and their families. We want to spread the unheard, simple stories and aspirations of everyday people like you, people like me who are forced daily to flee their homes. Their hopes and identities are being muffled by the blinded media, the stubborn big powers and the selfish hands of time.

The names, struggles and words of these people should be heard, vocalized and spread. Because they are what matters. They are the only ones who ALWAYS should matter in times of war.


Children are usually the most affected by war-torn areas. We believe they are the lost-generations. Their childhood is halted. Innocence scarred. Playing outside threatened.

Letters and drawings are gathered from refugee children; their stories inspire the illustrations on our dolls. By giving them the chance to draw and express their dreams we also aspire to help heal their invisible pain through art and self-expression.

Each doll is given the name of a refugee and once sold, part of the proceeds will go back to that refugee. 

Melina and Marianne Moussalli.

Melina and Marianne Moussalli.



Our impact


Syrian Refugee women in Lebanon, from the Bassmeh & Zeitouneh NGO help in the production of the dolls. They are being payed for each doll they embroider.

Through this effort we help provide them with gainful employment and a way to help provide for their families. Ultimately creating a community and circle allowing refugees to help other refugees. Our hope is to continue to provide jobs for even more women in need.